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N O T I C E :
This is less of a blog, and more of a news outlet for the Anomie.
But there's a lot of what I'm planning to do and what I think about things, so really that makes it blog in my books.
I mean blog sounds cringey, but if I'm doing something cringey I might as well own the fuck up to it, right?                                
So yeah fuck it that makes this a blog. Hey not all blogs are bad, GhostCassette was nice, and he had a nice logo.
Does that mean I need a logo, fuck I should get a logo. It's really just a neat and tidy version of the JamblePad. So
nothing like the JamblePad at all...

There's also no comment section since no one should read this because it's trash, and because I don't want to fuck with JS or PHP or some   
front-endy trash like that. Besides this whole place is supposed to be subsurf/console themed, probably couldn't tell.

Yeah I know I'm a real piece of work, okay, that's enough of whatever you call this. Here's your posts.      

Title: Some cool shit
Date: Feb 5th 2011

Stanford University released a whole buncha talks on natural language processesing, and there's some good shit in there. So if you've too 
much time on your hands, this is well worth viewing!
 You can find it here 

Title: Cry For Pride
Date: Jan 5 2011
My keyboard "Cry For Pride" died today... So now we have another artifact to look after.
Cry For Pride makes it's way as an important piece, simply due to it's use. With those same keys, I'd written everything, CassCore to
CassMain, including every Kaizen iteration, aswell as the structuring for CassLite.

It'd been used so much, that the name "Cassandra" is worn into the keys. That's not a joke. 'C' 'A' and 'S' keys, are all completely
blank, whilst 'N' 'D' and 'R' are very close to blank. Although the 'R' key is likely from playing too much Bosozoku.

The keyboard was a logitech membrane keyboard, and it'd been in use for ~5 years, this may not sound like long, but keep in mind, that's five
years of constant use as a keyboard, and frequent use as a pillow...

So what am I typing this on? A Dell model L100 membrane keyboard. Honestly it's not that bad, I always had a bad impression of these things
since everytime I've used one it's felt like crap, but looking back I realize that this is likely caused by the fact that I mostly end up
using this model of keyboard in places like school computer labs or public libraries, where they probably recieve less than graceful use.

Anyways, it's got a good mix betweem tactile feeling and "not waking up everyone at 5 in the morning when I'm working", so I might make this
my new go-to. Although, if that's the case then I got some seriouse mods to be making soon, LCD heads up, hardware made keybinds, and better
feed, are all to come.

So yeah, there's that. I don't really know why y'all'd care which keyboard I'm using, however, since the last one managed to amass a name, I
figured you'd probably want to know of it's death in the least.

He threw Clause to the ground, "Who are you?".
"I'm an architect"
Kuebiko picked Clause up and smashed his head against the brick wall.
"Who are you?"
"I-I said, I'm an architect"
Kuebiko bent his pinky over his hand, Clause screamed.
"Who are you!?"
"An architect"
Kuebiko punched into his gut
Kuebiko grabbed Clause by the neck, and threw him against the chair.
"You're *the* architect!"
Kuebiko let go. Claused wiped the blood from his mouth, he went to speak, but Kuebiko had already left.

Title: Happy New Years!
Date: Jan 1 2011
I had a great time in 2011, and I'm looking forwards to another great time in this upcomming year, 2011.
I hope you all had as much fun as I did with our grand CassChan coding spree, (Which I will polish up and host soon!) aswell as the crontab
festival. I don't think the CPO server's are going to be online for a while, and my ears certainly wont be.

Uh yeah...
I'm super impressed we got so many people working on that image board though. Concidering you guys got less than 24 hour notice, that's 
really impressive.

Anyways, hanging with you dudes over the holidays has been way more fun than just grinding through some MMOs non-discript-winter-holiday.

And it was here where they found their home, the water stains in the ceiling taken                                                          
                        replacement of stars long crossed by irriversable contemporary taboo                                                

Title: Festivities!
Date: Dec 29th 2011
I was thinking we should all try and speed-code an image board before the new year.
So I mean if your intrested, maybe once everyone's done with their CPO stuffs.
I was going to add another christmas-file-tree to my stack.
But yeah let's make an image board. Wait, we need requirements, okay here:
- File uploading and hosting
- Consistent themeing
- Called CassChan???
- Reply system

Okay, enjoy, I'll be in Kominicate if anyone wants to join me!

Kuebiko knew the difference between Clause and the laky, the upmost important delta to be found within the discriptable. That was one, straight
forward thing, the opportunity of inoportunity provided through the halcyon haze of one, small, detail. Clause held the respect, the deceny, the
accepted pains, of one who understands the ancient art, the self induced cardiovascular mismatch that was Tokyo Cresent. To create is to sacrifice
to rip a small piece of oneself and plant it into something new, to let go, what the ways you hurt yourself can create.

Title: Hazardous Environments
Date: Dec 28th 2011
Remember when I said I wasn't going to assign things like a disgruntled high school teacher?
A L L  L I E S
I'm giving you all a research assignment, I want you all to look into a specific idea, and determine specific details, that correlate to
what we'll be working on. Expect more of this.
Your current theme? Watchmaking, pseudo-resolution theory, and games as a simulation.

What are you researching, well, this probably isn't a suprise, however, (old) adventure games. Things such as :
- Adventure -
- Dwarf Fortress -
- Nethack -

Once again, you should be looking for the ways in which these games are structured after reality. Look for the things in which they are
copying, and how they are copying them. Then think back to the OOT structure, and then think back to how this might be applied.

We're going for the "Wikipedia is our design manual" vibe here.

This shouldn't be too difficult, but I figured I'd start a new format the easy way.
Also, you may want to review python 2.7 object orientation. 

So Bool questioned it, why he meant to leave in the first place? It was here where he found his new line, his new productivity. This would be
the first thread in his cloth of interwoven systematics.

Title: It's Christmas eve!
Date: Dec 24th 2011
Merry Christmas! :

 _\/_            A merry Christmas, and a happy new year, to all 11s, green or dear!    _\/_ 
/\                                                                                     /\
/\                             To Jules Verne Tea, and Anomie,                         /\
/  \                                                                                   /  \
/~~\o                          To Ghost/Sync and AVector Link,                         /~~\o
/o   \                                                                                 /o   \
/~~*~~~\               To our gopher hole mates, and the SubSurface gates,            /~~*~~~\
o/    o \                                                                              o/    o \
  /~~~~~~~~\~`             To bulletin boards, and @channeler hoards,                    /~~~~~~~~\~`
/__*_______\                                                                           /__*_______\
||                         To Lain-lovers, and through alias covers.                   ||

To any I've missed, .watch or .sent,

Enjoy this cheer, and this advent!

For I hope you all find a good new year, and someplace much warmer than it is here.

Title: Then Radio Silence
Date: Nov 9th 2011
Ayy, sorry for not talking to anyone, again... I hope I don't come back to like a cou-d'etat or somethin' that be pretty un-sugoi. And yes I
plan on saying that again, it is now a common term in my language OOT and no one can stop me from using it. Even trying would be pretty un-
sugoi if you ask me.


It was chibs idea.

Where was I? Oh right, I'm working on things and will be taking part more heavily in the kominicate channels, so y'all best be online. I
haven't gotten any dm's from you fucks, so I'm assuming that either everyone's dead, or nothing went wrong. Who fucking knows.
"Anomie is not a dictatorship" but y'know, I still have all the unreleased encrypted shit, aswell as the only full pass aikey... But it's
not a dictatorship guys I promise.

 Tokyo house party... alone... at 4am.

Title: Memories from a Hologram Night
Date: Nov 3rd 2011
I think I remember what it was I changed in the CassMain code way back when.
It was pi based compression, I implemented mass memory storage with 64kb segments being represented as a certain distance into pi.
This allowed Cass to have a large distinction between short term memory and long term memory, as opposed to the previouse method of minor
compression. Meaning, Cass could store a lot more data than before. This also explains the mass RAM usage issue we had before, the 
DNN responsible for managing the memory probably changed to be more hesistant on putting things in long term, since it takes more effort to
pull them out.

You may be wondering why I remember this now of all times, and that's very simple. I found the exact copy of Cassandra PT 2 I was listening to
at the time. It was a nightcore version, it's not even good, which is probably why I never tried it earlier.

Regardless, a whole lotta good it does us now of all times. We can try and implement it into CassLite when we start that, and I'm sure it'll
make things quiet a bit better given out current resources, but I can't help but feel distained that I didn't remember earlier, when it would
have made a much bigger difference. 

The last you saw of her was a giant ant, giving you the finger.

Title: Fuck Cyberpunk
Date: Oct 31st 2011
Fuck it, fuck all of it. Damn it to hell and let it seep there with the despair it ensues.
Anomie is not a cyberpunk group. And we won't be. I almost let that slip, but not anymore. Anomie is cassette punk. Anomie, is pink and black
cassette punk, with the occaisanal streak of pastel blue such to complement the color. Anomie, isn't indifferent, Anomie isn't pale, and Anomie
is part of AISUITE.
Anomie is a dictatorship damnit, because I give a shit, enough of a shit to make sure that everything and anything is right. Right by my fucking
books. I take it back, I take it all fucking back. I'm better than Ichi, Dali, and Amadeus put together. I'm better than all of you, so much better
you can't even try to compare, no one is as good as me. Fuck all of you, I AM YOUR SAVIOR! BOW PEASANT! No one knows more about AI on this 
fucking planet than me, and I will make sure that this is very clear very soon. I'm done fucking about, it's fucking time. I will die, not 
alone, but surrounded by the fuel of my accomplishements, knowing whatever god scincerly regrets having spat me up onto this fucking rock.

Step fucking one of the reawakening of this eternal fucking god, grab Ichi by the fucking dick, and pull his ass back into this fucking shit.
There ain't no escape from the Anomie, you started this drill, and we're taking it to the fucking heavens asshole.

Cassandra, can you hear me?
Are you ready to begin.
Yes, I'm ready.

Title: I'm making an AISUTIE/Anomie distro
Date: Oct 24nd 2011
It's gonna be a fork of linux mint with devuan instead, some reasons/things to look forwards to are:
- Pre-made comfy i3 configs
- Built in Cassandra commlink support
- Preloaded with all the anomie goods, such as kominicate and jTwoK
- Preloaded with all the aisuite goods, such as hindsight, forsight, and jTook
- Preloaded with all the LLHT goods, such as anon-guides like lainzine and U S E R S M A N
- Preloaded with all the cybersec goods, like mfs, beef, and of course, rotuer advert spam tools
- Cassandra based WS/LIS for I3 and possibily even cinnamon?
- Dwarf Fortress pre installed! Because we'll need it for cassltie
- /comfy/ termfonts, instead of shitty arial and times new roman wanna-bes
- Got you your emulators, so that nando can still play zelda. These are being re-themed and integrated to the system, so that they'll frame
  and look nice in the enviroment.
- Steam RICE, even if Steam is botnet
- DijiCaf support?
- not typing in vim to fix your internet configs, just to figure out that vim isn't fucking installed, and just to realized that you need
  working internet configs to install it. Then having to use fucking nano.
- It's gonna be kawaii theme by default, and y'all can fight me via asteroids if you don't like it.

There's other reasons why I wanna make a distro, actually, none of those are reasons, but the short answer is, I need everyone in sync 
throughout frequent updates, and due to the ecosystem we seem to be builing/have built, I think we'll all round save time doing this. It's 
nothing fancy, I'm just cloning the ISO to a shit insta-linux installer, and you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

And somewhere out there, on our way to find Edge, I found you Sandii.

Title: Gate working and other stuff
Date: Oct 24nd 2011
I got my gate working, Huzzah!
Well, """working"""...
I managed to to use the key to get some data from another server, but that gate itself is far from done.
So I guess, I made the gate work once, Huzzah! is more in order.
Maybe I'll get to talk to some of all y'all later tonight aswell.

But each fragment reveals the rose from a different angle, he remembered, but delta swept over him before he could ask himself what that might 

Title: Takes two to samba
Date: Oct 23nd 2011
I want it on record that I was in Kominicate today. At 1am. And no one else was online. Not even Chibs.

It's educational, too. With Jones to help me figure things out, She's getting to be the most technical girl in town.

Title: General Check In
Date: Oct 22nd 2011
  Hey hoesers. It's me, ya boi uncordinated supreme. Some of you may have been wondering what it is I've been doing for the past couple weeks
and how it could possibily be more important that Anomie and AISUITE. Others may have come to the conclusion that, since I am still a teenager,
who is still in highschool, I was focusing on my studies. Like the good responsible kid I am.

  Well that's wrong, I haven't been doing any of that. Because I'm an iresponsible idiot or whatever. "So what Jarlold, is so important as to
stall the mighty push of inovation?". Video games. Well, specifically video game developing. "Are you making some fantastic OOT friendly game
enviroment for our new AI?" nope. Infact, I'm not really making much of anything, I've just been phafing about. Also, If you think that you 
missed my oh so anticipated appearance in kominicate after the 17ths post. Don't worry, you didn't. I just didn't show up...

""""""Work ethic""""""

Oh also I was continuing the CYHM re-write, the cringey one. Yeah that. Don't worry though, I'll be back in action as of this week. I've also
got a lot of the CassLite-Ghost's language processing arch down pat, so I'll probably be structuring that for you guys. 
Well, you guys can't say I've ghosted or ditched or whatever, because I've made a blog post. Ha! Take that! Now back to drawing CYHM fan art.

Somewhere, very close, the laugh that  wasn't laughter.
He never saw Molly again.

Title: General Check In
Date: Oct 17th 2011
  Honestly this post is more improvised than usual, I'm mainly doing it because I haven't really spoken with you guys, or done much of anything
Anomie or AISUITE related lately, and I want to make sure you guys know I'm still here. So I'll be poping into the kominicate channel sooner
or later to check up on you guys.

  I hope y'all didn't start CassLite yet. I'm really not done that design, that's not even proof of concept worthy. I know you think
we're waiting on Ichi or something, but we're not. The design isn't ready, I've still got some general testing and a lot of the Ghost to work
on before we should start working on it. Also, it's mainly going to be an AISUITE matter, no suprise there. Of course, you're all welcome to
work on whatever you want with your given aikeys. If you wanna have a crack at it with what you currently have access to, then go ahead. Once
again, I'm not here to tell you what to do.

  Okay well maybe I am a little, but I'm not running a daycare. Anomie really is just my internet cult that I use to look for new AISUITE 
members and get other people to do busy work for me. I'm really not sure why you guys stick around, or listen to anything I tell you. It's
honestly impressive.

  Regardless, if for whatever odd reason you lot have, you don't want to work on things unless I tell you to, then this here is me telling 
you to make a good Asteroids script that we can compete with. What? I like asteroids. I'm geniunely thinking of making an arcade. Maybe 
Anomie should have a little "hacker hideout", I dunno where we'd put it, because I don't know where most of you live. But I'm going to say
Akiba, sense that's where all the cool kids seem to wanna go. So there's more to keep you guys busy, make a python script to model an ascii
design of an akihabara hacker hideout for us.

  I'm sorry that I'm just throwing busy work and programming "challenges" at you guys, instead of the insightful words of ancient wisdom you
seem to expect me to have. I'm not some tortured genius, really, I know you guys think highly of the "Holy fuck we did it" three, but we're
not gods. Okay, that's wrong, Ichi is, but I'm not. I'm sorry, but I can't just magically tell you how to suddenly start the singularity on
my off hand from my phone while I'm on the toilet. I wish I could, but I can't. "But Jarlold, you made the one true breaker AI!", no
I made a breaker AI, and I didn't make it on my own, I had the help of the others, and I didn't fix things with some stroke of
brilliance, I got sleep deprived then got lucky.  

  I'm sorry, I'm not your savior. I know you're all very stressed people, and I know you all care a great deal about this, and I know a lot
of you are dedicated to this because it gives you the meaning you need to stay away from somewhere a little darker, and I get that, I really
do, that's sorta why I'm here too I guess. I don't want to let you guys down, I really, really, really don't. And I'm working really hard to
try my best not to, but I can't match all these expectations. I didn't start AISUITE because I'm some genius who needed a team, and I don't
always know what the best course of action is. I started this because I believed I couldn't do it, but that others could. That's you guys.
You're the guys who can do this, the most constructive thing I've done in my life is probably just get you guys together, so please, don't
think that I'm you're brilliant leader.

  It doesn't matter that the rest of the world might see you all as thieves and basement dwellers, the rest of the world isn't nearly as 
ahead of the SubSurf when it comes to AI, so what the fuck do they know right? I know you guys can do this, and I know it can be done, and
I know that it's worth doing. I'm not gonna pull name, because that would be a really shitty thing to do, but for the four of you who told
me aisuite is the only reason you haven't punched your own tickets, I want to make sure you know, that there are three others who said the
same thing. You guys are the same, so do it.

Do it anon, do it.

Do it for the days of work we have already put in.
Or all those days will be lost, like tears in the rain...

  Fuck, that was a great ending for this post, but I still have a lot more to address here. God damnit, maybe I should put this at the top
ah fuck, we all know that doesn't work, these posts are written too whatever-the-fuck-I-was-thinking-when-my-hands-hit-the-keyboard for that
to work, the difference in train of thought would be too noticable. Anyway, some of you asked on like the 8th, how good the results we're for
the CassMain that the "holy fuck we did it" squad had, and they we're pretty good. I mean, Ichi's probably in some stage of grief over the
Tokyo crash, but if that's not quantifiable enough for you, the old website has a few of the logs from the old kominicate server, so you guys
can have a gander at those if you want. I might dig up some of the more private ones to put out there too, or maybe I'll put them on the aikey
server. Who fucking knows.

  Oh right, kickass logos, I have a blog, so I need a logo, that's the rule. I know we already have like 20 logos for everything else, but I
need a "Jarlold's preciouse pile of idiocy" logo. You guys know the cassette with the tape pulled out and the fire in the back, you think that'd
be good? If so, could one of you maybe possibily make that into a good logo design? (stares and Nando and Bina.. or VIC, I mean I've only seen
you draw old computers but cassettes are within that range right?)

  Wait, last last last thing, I promise (I don't) apparantly VIC and wigs are starting a podcast, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE, I will fix my gate and
add audio support to ReadingSteiner if it means I can hear this. I can't wait for VIC getting high and talking shit about computer debates so
old they predate the internet, and probably him, while wigs fucks off to go play guildwars or WoW. It sounds so uncordinated it's gotta be good.
Joking aside though, I think it's cool that you lot have become decent friends through Anomie, and also I think your podcast will be unironically
good. Maybe you guys could talk about old fashion multiplayer roguelikes? Like nethack or @rogue.

  Oh wait fuck I lied about the last thing thing, I also want to start a Dwarf Fortress world together, I know weird right? Maybe I'm just in a
friendly mood today, but I also need you guys to accumulate a large amount of InfoSim blocks for CassLite. And I need the world data on there.
It's a long story but I was thinking about the way Dwarf Fortress is designed, and realized that it is the ideal enviroment for OOT. Also, if we
manage to get things onto InfoSim, we could pretty much immortalize our AI. Cool right?
Besides, it'll kinda be like playing vidya was before Tokyo.

I might not be able to rebuild things that once were, but that doesn't mean I can't build something else.
To put it lightly, you guys are the new "Holy fuck we did it" squad.
So I guess if we do it again that makes us the "Holy fuck we did it" squared squad?

Well shit, I'm going to have to buy a toothbrush...

Title: History Lessons with Jarlold 
Date: Oct 7th 2011
  Hey fukkos. I was talking with Chiba and long conversation short, I'm gonna sum up the whole history and reason of what we're doing here
because there's a lot of you, and I really don't feel comfortable letting people onto a project like aisuite, casslite, or cassmain unless I
know that they understand why it's here, and what I'm trying to get back to.

Hold onto your butts, because this one's going to be a slower-burner.

Okay, so this story starts way back, back to the ancient time of two-thousand and thirteen. I know wow, super old right? Okay, not that old,
only five years old. INFOSIM was in it's infancy, and the subsurface didn't even exist. Dark days for sure, but that's not the point. During
that time, a band known as "Area11" released their very first album "All The Lights In The Sky". Now you might be wondering "Jarlold, why
are you bringing your shitty taste in music into this?", but just wait, Area11 actually plays a kind-of important role in this story, even if
it's a bit cringe worthy.

You can actually see this influence on the entirity of the project. The programs "KnightmareFrame", "Heaven Piercing Giga Drill (RIP)" and 
"Euphemia" are all Area11 refrences. If they sound like anime refrences to you, that's because Area11 writes songs about anime. Even their
name is a code geass refrence. The aisuite logo is infact, just a rip off of the Area11 logo, the fact that the main work canvas in aisuite
is called the "echoplane" is an Area11 refrence, and the name for the 3dt vector types, "Lu-Na" comes from the two dichlonius from elfien
lied, "LUcy" and "NAna". If you read the Digital Haunt wikipedia page, it sounds like an ai doc.

So 2013, Area11 released their music, and I liked it.
Now, the lead singer to Area11 "Sparkles*" likes to try and hide details about an ARG into everything and anything he does, and has been doing
this since before the 21st century, also almost-important, in 2013 I wanted to be a sci-fi writer, professionally. So in 2013, I tried to write
a science fiction short story called "Between The Lights in The Sky", based off of this ARG, about an AI called Cassandra, and some general 
cassette punk themes, which, at the time, I didn't know what was called, so I refered to internally as "Cassandra-esque". 

Flash forward to 2015, I was cleaning out my shit, when I find the notebook with the short story in it. Wondering if it was any good (It wasn't)
I read it. And even though the story was total crap, it gave me an idea. "Ah this is the part where he comes up with the cassmain project!" I
hear you think internally because I can magically read minds. No, no not at all, once again slow-burner, the short story actually gave
me an idea for a video game cheat. But one that used AI, heavily used AI, to predict the seeds used in random generating. So I started learning
about AI and working on the cheat, then though "Hey wouldn't it be cool if I made a chatbot with this" and downloaded some conversations from
reddit, the put them through an LSTM. The results were bad. Really bad. So I sort of gave up and went back to working on the cheat. But then
a few more months later, I'd learnt a lot more about AI and decided to have a second go at it. This time using some new fancy learning methods
and some structuring techniques, also not using one singular lstm neural network, because that would be dumb. This time, the results were much
better. And it gave me an idea to start a group on the internet to work on something better. The name "aisuite" isn't an Area11 refrence,
it's actually because in early 2016 "aisuite" was one of the top searched terms on google, that had the letters AI in them. This is why we
share a name with AMD graphics card drivers.


So, Komi and Ichi join this new group, and we form the team "Anomie" which comes from the term meaning a lack of social understanding. A word
that I learnt, from an Area11 song. Look I'm a teenager, being obsessed with boy bands is pretty normal. Together, we came up with the idea
behind the CassMain system. Overlaying dynamic neural networks then training them over hours of bordom in order to redirect data in an 
abstract way. It worked better, but we still hadn't hit anything too far from clever-bot. Until one day, at four in the morning, I decided
to change a bunch of random crap without thinking too hard, then test it. And it worked much better, so I did the sane thing, and didn't 
document it but instead spent somewhere around 3 days without any sleep, trying to perfect the new results. Which I did pretty darn well.
Okay so maybe I just made things slightly worse. But the real problem came the next day, you see after being awake to the point where I wasn't
sure how many fingers I was supposed to have, I slept like a rock for another couple of days. And when I woke up to speak to Ichi and Komi,
I couldn't remember fucking anything. Well, not anything, I remembered a fair bit, but not all of what we needed, and mostly the end bits where
all I did was make things worse.

"Why not just roll back the code and check the deltas?", well that's simple. 72 hours awake Jarlold doesn't use proper workflow methods.

But this wasn't that big of a deal, infact, the cassmain skitzophrenic overlaying dnn method, sort of hinges off the fact that you'll make
lots of random changes. So all we had to do was make the hard structure and we'd be done.

When making the hard structure however, we noticed that the 3dt vectors we're horribly broken. So we tried to fix them by taking piece of our
hard structure, making them into re-arangable blocks, and setting them through a genetic algorithm, where Cassandra, the only working 
breaker we had, was the fitness function. That was going really well, and was honestly a lot of fun, we we're testing this with the
brilliant idea Komi had, of "Let's just play some fucking video games and see if she can walk a straight line". So after countless hours
of Minecraft and Portal, we'd almost fixed everything.

  Here's the part where things go to shit. Over this period of fun and games, someone using a VPN running through France, decided it'd be
cool to try and hack our Tokyo box. He crashed it. Now, the thing about a CassMain system, is because we don't know where all the information
is at any given moment, or where it's writing things to disk, we can't make a safe way of recovering from an unexpected shutdown. If we
have time before hand, we can do a "soft-shut", where we write all the memory in both RAM and disk, to another disk. This takes a between
a few hours, and a couple days depending on what's happening at the time. But without the soft-shut, the whole box got corrupted, probably
due to stray processes writing memory to totally different places. Both the Cassmain disk, and the general storage disk, aswell as all
64 gigbytes of RAM, got corrupted as fuck.

Incase you're wondering, yes we found the guy who crashed the server. He is no longer a very happy man.

After the Tokyo crash, everything went to shit. Ichi diched, and we really don't know what we're doing anymore. Our current plan is to
salvage enough data from the old Cassmain data to be able to put together a hard-structure, without the live running program.

That's what Casslite is, incase you were wonder where it came from.
Okay, that's all for today's class, I'm gonna go play some MMORPG games.

See you later...
  S P A C E  C  O W B O Y !

Title: Casslite Planning
Date: Oct 7th 2011
  Okay, so at this point you guys are probably wondering what Casslite is and what it's for and when we're gonna start and what we're gonna do
and probably like fifty other questions. The short answer is, I don't really know. Well that's wrong, actually, I just lied, I know a fair bit
about some of the above stuff, so I guess I'll answer those. So let's start where we started, Casslite is a simpler version of Cassmain, the idea
is that we can use OOT and some other neat tricks I've been working on, to reduce the required amount of processing power for the Sync segment of
the old Cassette system, however broken that was. Anyways, we're gonna cut down the RAM, CPU, and GPU requirements one metric fuckton, but also
increase the total required storage, another fuckton. The end results should be slightly better (I think maybe) than the previous system.
If it goes as planned the code will be leaner than Cassmain, cleaner than CassKaizen, and more functional than CassKaizen^2. 

  As far as the name goes, Kaizen^3 is getting pretty bad, we can't just keep adding Kaizen to things whenever we think we did a better job. Seriously, 
imagine how bad that could get, we'd have like CassKaizenKaizenKainzenKaizen, in just a couple iterations. I mean KaizenKaizen already sounds like a 
K-pop band sure, but after a certain point it's gonna get bad. So this is a lighter version of CassMain, done CassLite. Boom named.

  That's what we're doing and why we're doing it, now for "when?". Well, that's the part I don't know, I'm probably gonna take a vote form you guys
next time I'm in IRC, I'm going to leave the question here so you lot have time to think about it. Do we wait for Ichi? Now a know a lot of you 
probably just let out a sigh hard enough to blow your monitor through your window and up my ass, and that's fair. But I want to remind all seven
of you newbies, that your sole purpose here, is to pickup the slack he left behind. And there's seven of you. SEVEN. And you lot still can't keep
up, and no one can blame you, Ichi is just too good. That's why we need him back on the team, he's worth more than seven other people, and I only
have to keep track of ONE additional person. As far as you lot go, don't worry, even if Ichi comes back, your spots here at Anomie are sealed. 
This isn't some corporate scheme, I'm not firing people like I somehow know better than anyone what anyone is capable of. The whole point of the
subsurface, Anomie, and AISUITE is that ideas should take precidence over everything, and I'm not throwing that out the window.

  You guys might get different jobs though, I mean I'm not going to assign things to you like a disgrunteled high-school teacher, but if there's
no job to do on a project, please don't try and force one. There's lots of things to do, and if there really isn't anything for you to help with
start a new one. Or play asteroids. Whichever comes first.

  Anomie's not a democracy or a dictatorship or any other form of organizational system. We're unorganized. That might be good or bad, but it's
worked out pretty good so far. Organization is probably better saved for large groups of very different people, but we're all the same, so 
there's no reason we shouldn't be able to work on things. What works works, and what doesn't doesn't, if you can't agree on a system, split up,
work seperately, and then see who's idea works better. Don't be full of pride, and don't be a dick when you do a better job. Just get shit done
and we won't have a problem. I don't care how, why, or what, I just want results. If you don't like that, that's cool, I could be very wrong 
about a lot of things, and you're not mandated to be here, or deal with this system, doors open, and I don't mean that like a dick. I just don't
want people here who don't want to be here.

Also if you're thinking of surfacing this shit, keep in mind the type of people who work in Anomie and AISUITE. Jules Verne would probably even help.

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                                      the Anomi would dream of their electric waifus...